Darya Alexandrovna's words about forgiveness had aroused in him nothing but annoyance.
The applicability or non-applicability of the Christian precept to his own case was too difficult a question to be discussed lightly, and this question had long ago been answered by Alexey Alexandrovitch in the negative.
Of all that had been said, what stuck most in his memory was the phrase of stupid, good-natured Turovtsin--"_Acted like a man, he did! Called him out and shot him!_" Everyone had apparently shared this feeling, though from politeness they had not expressed it.
"But the matter is settled, it's useless thinking about it," Alexey Alexandrovitch told himself.
And thinking of nothing but the journey before him, and the revision work he had to do, he went into his room and asked the porter who escorted him where his man was.

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