The Glockberry: Part Glock, Part Blackberry

It's a scary, scary world out there. I would suggest you equip yourself with the latest in mobile devices in order to protect yourself from the crazies... like the guy who designed this:


Marley said...

Where did you find that pic?

dreams said...

Very funny!! I need one!

indianshawls said...

nice blog

cakita said...

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jony said...

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PaHa said...

I think, I'll just stay with my Glock.

Anonymous said...

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mickyg's-art said...

Does it vibrate in your pocket? lol said...

they are both very dangerous

Anonymous said...

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Linda Oness said...

I want one of those. lol

Rudy de Kieviet said...

Hands up!! ow damm a bsod. Waite i need te reboot

iPwn said...
I think you'd like my blog.

Squarehead said...

Yes....Scary indeed. The model 19 9mm. Old school, high capacity, double action with no external safety save the trigger split. much more "user friendly" than the Blackberry. Very scary, indeed...

rajeshsharma7777 said...

Where do you get that ?

whitney said...

weird. also scary.

kelseXy said...


mur said...

You just know its all going to end in tears..the fumble to answer it, the bang, the dropping dead.

debtfreeme said...

that's funny

Marxxxcelo Valdes said...

Excelent !!!Where I can Buy this Black Berry.I need One.

MC said...

nice tool!

but like 'mur' said, it must be very annyoing when you shoot youself in the head when you want to answer a call.


slskenyon said...

Oh, geez.

Cristian Tévez said...

It's all a person needs in this world: protection and communication.

Hahaha, hilarious!

Cristian, from Buenos Aires

LasunRose said...

Does that fit in your pocket? I'd hate to see what happens when keys go screwy and pressing the buttons does the wrong function! Considering the user, it may be a good thing!!!

kobe said...

does it come with 512 mb or 521 bullets?

Especialk said...
just get it free¡¡¡¡

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Anastasia said...

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Trevor said...

Man, great picture!! I suppose you're killing two birds with one stone....if nobody gets in touch with you through your blackberry....the end is not far away.

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